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A Sunflower in the Boyd Street GardensHomes and Gardens of Deering HighlandsMorning Fog Along the Waterfront, From the Casco Bay BridgeWatering the Grass at Kennedy ParkBiking on West Commercial Street Early MorningPath to the Harbor and Portland SkylineSunrise over Ocean Gateway Terminal on Eastern WaterfrontSunrise over the Fore Points Marina on the Eastern WaterfrontAbyssinian Meeting House on Newbury StreetFlowers in front of house on Danforth StreetWalking into the Sunset, Bowdoin Street Towards the Western PromGrass Growing on Custom House WharfFishing on the East End Beach in the MorningFishing on the East End Beach in the Morning 2Fishing Vessels on the Portland WaterfrontBoat with Seagulls up HighMorning Light from the Portland Fish PierMorning Light on the Oak Trees in Deering Oaks ParkFunky Birch Tree on the Western Prom