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A Yellow Crane and a RainbowStratton Place Row Houses and Dramatic SunriseHeart from the Valentines Bandit on Widgery WharfSee You Soon Nickelodeon CinemasIce on Trees in Harbor View ParkHeart outside the Portland Public Library in Monument SquareArabica Coffee Free Street with HeartsXOXO Valentines Day HeartHearts on Fence on Munjoy HillWinter Bollard on the Maine State PierCumberland and High Street Looking Towards Maine Medical CenterIntrepid Winter Jogger in Post Office ParkBeginning of a Snowy Day in Congress SquareTree and Roots behind Park StreetDramatic Fence Shadow on Gray StreetSnowy Morning State and Gray StreetsPortland's Best Dark AlleywayRock Ledge off of West Commercial Street at NightGreen Gorilla on Exchange StreetMorning Lights on Congress Street Towards Maine Medical Center